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8 Wall panels in aluminum, engraved, patinated and painted by Nerone Ceccarelli and Giancarlo Patuzzi.
Italy, 1973
Dimensions: 790 x H 200 x Depth 2 cm

Nerone Ceccarelli (born Giovanni Ceccarelli 1937-1996) is an Italian artist and sculptor, who constantly researched the integration of different creative media such as architecture, painting, sculpture and design. His work is characterised by an abstract geometric vocabulary. Together with his friend Giancarlo Patuzzi, he founded the NP2 Group (initials of Nerone and Patuzzi) in Turin in 1962. The Group involved other artists (Piercarlo Ceccarelli, Nerone’s brother, Jolanda Novi, Luigi Marchisotti, Dedalo Montali, Lucia Petrocchi, Virgilio Petrocchi, Raoul Portal, Piercarlo Iorio, Evian Medici, Luciano Patetta, Nicoletta Medici, Carlo Mollino and Angelo Cortesi) with the aim to free art from the museums and galleries constrains and make it accessible to the majority of the public. Their innovative approach resulted in using various materials such as aluminum, copper, wood, concrete and marble for monumental sculpture, panels, and furniture. From the early days, they exhibited their work abroad in the USA and Canada. Giangarlo Patuzzi left the Group in 1974.

In 1972 Nerone together with Patuzzi designed and executed a large wall work, comprising engraved and patinated metal panels, installed in the ‘Emiciclo’ of the European Parliament in Luxembourg, one of the largest engraved metal works in the world. Nerone engraved the metal panels which he then assembled directly on the wall and treated with acids to enhance light contrasts. With a similar technique, the present lot was designed and executed for the Banca di Roma, in via Alfieri in Turin, an emblematic example of the NP2 Group’s research of integration between art and environment, thus extending their artistic creativity to architecture and interior design.

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